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From Costin Manolache <>
Subject Re: Any other functionality missing from Tomcat 5.5.12 that relies on JSDK 5.0?
Date Fri, 18 Nov 2005 19:59:56 GMT
Check the build.xml files, look for 'unless'.

Probably the right solution to avoid this would be to stop using
'unless' and ant checks,
and instead move all the 'conditional' code in separate targets and
jar files. In particular, the
whole SSL stuff is an unpredictible mess.

I'm not even sure if/how can we use OpenSSL via APR ( I found some
code, and it should work ). The whole connection layer should be
refactored to allow better abstraction for APR, NIO, old-style
sockets/threads... The current approach in APR ( duplicate everything
) may be good for quick tests, but it can't be the long term solution
( some people like to add a NIO equivalent ).


On 11/18/05, Bruce Keats <> wrote:
> Hi,
>  Given the discussion on missing JSSE15SocketFactory because tomcat
> 5.5.12was build using JAVA
> 1.4, I am trying to determine if I need to rebuild the whole source tree
> under JSDK 5.0 or just the missing JSSE15SocketFactory. In order to make
> that judgement call, I need to understand if there is any other
> functionality that is missing.
>  Other than JSSE15SocketFactory, is there any other functionality missing
> from tomcat 5.5.12 because it was build using JAVA 1.4?
>  Bruce

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