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From Costin Manolache <>
Subject Re: svn commit: r332806 - in /tomcat/jasper/tc5.5.x: .classpath .project
Date Sun, 13 Nov 2005 18:05:22 GMT
On 11/13/05, Mark Thomas <> wrote:
> Costin Manolache wrote:
> > I'm confused - build.xml seems to checkout the real dirs, not current
> > - I found no reference to current/ in build.xml
> I think that makes two of us ;)
> You are right. We could change build.xml to use current. I'll test
> this and if it works, make the change.

> I am going to try and create a new, clean TC5.5.x build environment. I'll try and iron
out any
> inconsistencies as I go.

That makes two of us :-)  What do you think of the build.xml in sandbox ?

The current multi-layer build.xml, combined with svn, naming
conventions, etc gives me headaches - unfortunately I no longer have a
lot of time for tomcat, so keeping track is much harder. But I'm very
happy with eclipse build - I run tomcat from inside eclipse, using the
launcher I checkedin - since it's the same environment with
runtime-all.jar that I'm working on.

> > How are you making subclipse see the project ? Team->share doesn't do it for
> I had to add to my list of
> repositories in Subclipse SVN repository view. Once I did that, it all
> just worked.

What version are you using ? I have it in my list of repos.

Please check the same thing with current/ - if it doesn't work, then
don't change build.xml :-)


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