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From Cédrik LIME <>
Subject Re: getContext() - spec interpretation
Date Mon, 28 Nov 2005 08:57:52 GMT
At 18:20 27/11/2005 +0000, you wrote:
>Bill Barker wrote:
>>I can't really dispute the interpretation of 
>>the spec, but the change is likely to break many more webapps then it fixes :(.
>I thought this too. However, I think we should 
>implement the spec as is. If we start relaxing 
>it here, then where else do we relax it? If 
>other Servlet containers start relaxing the 
>specs in their own ways it rapidly defeats the 
>object of having a spec in the first place.
>My preference is to post a 'heads-up' to the 
>users list that this change is coming in the 
>next release along with a link to the SSI 
>changes so users can start to look at their apps ahead of the next release.

Don't forget that not all tc users are on the 
users mailing list. If this change can 
potentially break user applications, there should 
be IMHO a big sign saying so in the release note web page as well.

As for the question, I agree with Mark (+1 for implementing the spec tightly).


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