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From "Bill Barker" <>
Subject Re: getContext() - spec interpretation
Date Sat, 26 Nov 2005 03:58:41 GMT

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From: "Mark Thomas" <>
To: <>
Sent: Thursday, November 24, 2005 11:34 AM
Subject: getContext() - spec interpretation

> All,
> I have been looking at bug 13040 and reviewing the current getContext() 
> implementation. I saw Remy's comment from some time ago when fixing some 
> related bugs 
> ( that 
> this would be better if the spec mandated that the parameter passed to 
> getContext() must be an exact match for a context path.
> Having read the 2.4 spec several times I am pretty sure that is does say 
> this, albeit not as directly as it might. I assume (perhaps wrongly) that 
> any changes in this area will generate a lot of debate so I wanted to do 
> the debate and then change the code.

I can't really dispute the interpretation of the spec, but the change is 
likely to break many more webapps then it fixes :(.

For TC 5, it would be nice to keep some backwards compatibility with 
something like:

     MessageBytes uriMB = new MessageBytes();
     MappingData md = new MappingData();
     MessageBytes serverName = request.getCoyoteRequest().serverName();
     request.getConnector().getMapper().map(serverName, uriMB, md);
     if(md.context == null) {
        return null;
     return ((Context)md.context).getServletContext();

> The key parts of the spec are:
> SRV.14.2.8 ServletContext
> <snip>
> public ServletContext getContext(java.lang.String uripath)
> <snip>
> uripath - a String specifying the context path of another web application 
> in the container.
> <snip>
> My interpretation is:
> SRV.14.2.8 says the parameter is a context path
> SRV.4.4 is very clear about what is context path is
> Therefore, getContext() must look for an exact match of uripath against 
> the context paths for the currently deployed web-apps.
> My proposal, therefore is to change the getContext() implementation to 
> look for an exact match. This is stricter than the current implementation 
> (and may cause problems for some users) but will fix a number of odd 
> behaviours including the one described in bug 13040.
> In the unlikely event that no-one disagrees with my interpretation, I'll 
> commit a fix over the weekend to TC4 and TC5. (The 2.3 spec has the exact 
> same wording.)
> Mark
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