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From Costin Manolache <>
Subject Re: Sandbox ?
Date Sun, 23 Oct 2005 15:33:09 GMT
On 10/23/05, Remy Maucherat <> wrote:

> > I'm thinking more as an 'uses' - you create ByteBuffers ( maybe direct
> > buffers ), and
> > you set it in the ByteChunk. "Extend" is not the best choice - it
> > would be hard to work with direct ( or other ) buffers. I'm actually
> > thinking about adding some static methods as well for all the utils we
> > have in BB.
> I didn't do any tests, but accessing direct buffers contents seems
> vastly more expensive. I don't see how they could be used other than for:
> - buffering (as done in the APR connectors)
> - transferring bytes without manipulating them in Java (ex: sending a
> file on a socket)
> Did you do some microbenchmarks ?

No - and I'm sure they wouldn't look very good, the current
implementation seems to just do JNI on each operation, so they are
probably more expensive

However - the fact that it is badly implemented now doesn't mean they
can't be implemented better in future or in a different VM :-), i.e.
with special support from the garbage collector, so it can be backed
by an unmovable byte[].  Realtime java JSR requires support for
unmovable objects ( afaik ) - so sooner or later we may have such a
VM, and then direct buffers would be the fastest way to communicate
between java and native.

For sending a file on a socket - I'm sure using apr would be faster (
is sendfile wrapper implemented ? ), you shouldn't have to read the
file in java.

Anyway - this is just a sandbox experiment, we can try different things.

An unrelated subject - don't know if you saw

I don't like very much the implementation ( with Exceptions to control
the flow ), but I think there is a good idea to have support in the
thread pool to temporary release the thread for long-running servlets,
and then get a thread back on some event. How this is made visible to
servlets is debatable - I think there are few better ways than what
jetty is doing - but the low level is probably more important.

BTW - where do we deal with keep-alive http connections ? ( I remember
you or Mladen added code to not keep the thread busy ).


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