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From Costin Manolache <>
Subject Re: Sandbox ?
Date Fri, 21 Oct 2005 16:38:47 GMT
On 10/21/05, Remy Maucherat <> wrote:
> Costin Manolache wrote:
> > Thanks !
> >
> > I'll add few things I've worked on in the past - if people don't mind,
> > I'll create a sandbox/java and put everything in one tree, ant and
> > IDEs are smart enough to exclude/include different packages.
> >
> > Let me know if any of this seems wrong:
> > - a smaller commons-logging impl, without any discovery tricks ( for runtime )
> Another option is to rewrite using a robust platform (I favor
> java.util.logging). I don't know if that's really a possibility, though,
> as I didn't ask my boss about it ;)

Well, that's what I'm  doing actually - I just hardcoded
java.util.logging ( well, I have 2 impl, one with println and one with
j.u.l ). The only thing is that I HATE the default formatting and
config - so I want to add a saner formatter, and use a subset.

> > - attempt to refactor util.buf to use ByteBuffers
> And CharBuffer, I hope. So you'll be extending (ByteChunk extends
> ByteBuffer) ?

CharBuffer would go to MessageBytes.

I'm thinking more as an 'uses' - you create ByteBuffers ( maybe direct
buffers ), and
you set it in the ByteChunk. "Extend" is not the best choice - it
would be hard to work with direct ( or other ) buffers. I'm actually
thinking about adding some static methods as well for all the utils we
have in BB.

> I'd like to add BufferedReader features to CharChunk (marking and
> readLine, as implementing these without owning the buffer is both hard
> and inefficient).

That's a good idea.

> > - coyote standalone
> > - a small demo for coyote standalone, using a rhino adapter.
> > - some additions to coyote - to make it a bit easier to use in standalone mode.
> I have plans to use it to implement a coyote provider for JBoss
> remoting. This would be a good use case for your stuff.

Cool. It would also be interesting to do a small 'ab' test with coyote
standalone - with a small adapter that can take advantage of direct
access to buffers and converters.

I have most of the code - but needs cleanup, some is quite old ( 6-7
months for the logger ).


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