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From Peter Rossbach>
Subject Re: Status/Authority of AJP/1.5
Date Tue, 25 Oct 2005 09:13:11 GMT
Here my wishes list:

a)   Clearer/better Loadbalancing Algo
    - better understanding of domain/partition based strategy ( I have 
detect some problemes here)
    - busy strategy -
    - real load strategy ( ask tomcats before balance the load)
    - good documentation of all use cases and the protocol, before 
implementation ;-)
    - make extensions possible
b)   auto reconfig was very nice but this feature is very difficult to 
implement. Currently graceful restart works good for me!
c)   disable/enable mapping for some worker inside the same loadbalancer
       Then it is possible to reload/redeploy a single application at 
some cluster nodes
d)   AJP client java implementation and integrate this inside a tomcat 
proxy module.
e)   Refactor/Redesign the current AJP server implementation


Henri Gomez schrieb:

>AJP 1.5 should support automatic discovery of tomcat backend, new
>systems and new webapps.
>That's the current need for many of us when adding tomcats / webapp
>behind Apache 2 webservers. In such case we need to restart them and
>it's sad.
>How could it be accomplished, may be via a master tomcat who will give
>the tomcat farm topology to Apache HTTP2.
>What do you think ?

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