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From Peter Rossbach>
Subject Re: [JK] Status -- was [VOTE] JK 1.2.15
Date Mon, 24 Oct 2005 16:47:25 GMT
Sorry for late response, but I start testing and hope finish the test at 
next two days

First testresults at Suse 9.3, Windows XP looks very well


Mladen Turk schrieb:

> William A. Rowe, Jr. wrote:
>>> Do you guys find something that would prevent 1.2.15 to
>>> be declared as stable that I'm missing?
>> I'll try to find cycles to test myself, next week.  I know I'm having
>> alot of trouble with the apache 1.3 build on odd architectures, probably
>> because the clash of a libtool-based v.s. non-libtool 
>> based
>> httpd 1.3.  I'm working on cleaner autoconf against httpd-2.0 already 
>> for building mod_ftp, which will probably apply very cleanly here as 
>> well.
> Fine :)
> Anyhow, what should I do, since I've volunteer for a RM?
> I mean, I don't expect to see the 1.3 branch for couple of
> months from now, and the 1.2.14 is unusable on Solaris, so
> we need some action. The 1.2.15 (bugfix) release is the
> only thing that is implementable right now, thought.
> Since there was no reactions to the VOTE either pro or
> contra for more then a mont,
> seems to me we are in a serious problem, because
> the developers/commiter interest is blocking the release.
> The final solution is either to bring that to the tomcat pmc,
> and if there is really zero interest on maintaining mod_jk,
> among the current commiters, it should be either shut down,
> or proposed as a new project with a different set of maintainers.
> Regards,
> Mladen.
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