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From Yoav Shapira <>
Subject Re: Accessing a custom user principal from a JAAS Realm
Date Wed, 19 Oct 2005 22:22:19 GMT
No need to CC me on the reply, I get the dev@tomcat copy already ;)

> Thanks for the reply. What version of Tomcat are you referring to? I am using
> Tomcat 5.0.28. With regards to your code below, there is no 
> getUserPrincipal() method on the org.apache.catalina.realm.GenericPrincipal 
> class. 

I'm talking about 5.5.12 and the 5.5.x branch in general, which has this

> Furthermore, how's this for bizarre -- if I do an "instanceof" with the class
> returned from request.getUserPrincipal(), and print it out, I get the 
> following:
> Principal class is: org.apache.catalina.realm.GenericPrincipal
> However, if I try to cast it to that class type in the very next line of
> code, 
> the code throws a ClassCastException. Very weird.

It's bizarre to the point of making me think what you really have on your hand
is a configuration issue, with likely multiple versions of the Catalina classes
on the runtime classpath, rather than a coding issue.

> The library I am using is 
> the catalina.jar sent with the code (which I happen to be packaging in my 
> WEB-INF/lib directory of my webapp. 

I hope you don't mean to say you have a copy of catalina.jar in your
WEB-INF/lib.  If so, remove it ;)  There should only be one copy of that file
in Tomcat's server lib directory.


Yoav Shapira
System Design and Management Fellow
MIT Sloan School of Management
Cambridge, MA, USA /

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