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From "Tim Whittington" <>
Subject RE: compiling Jakarta Redirector dll on x64 Windows
Date Mon, 17 Oct 2005 01:46:12 GMT
I'm assuming you're referring to EM64T/AMD64 here - IA64 is the Itanium 2 architecture.
You basically need the Platform SDK + the Microsoft C++ Compiler - any Visual Studio will
give you both of these things (+ a nice IDE).
For Windows/x86 you can use a recent Platform SDK (free download from MS) and the Microsoft
Visual C++ Toolkit 2003 (also free) or VS 6/.Net 2000/.Net 2003.
The Visual C++ 2005 Express Edition beta also works (you still need the Platform SDK).
VC2005 EE looks like your only bet unless you've got access to an x86_64 Visual Studio - it's
not clear from the download page though whether it will run/build on 64bit Windows.


From: Victor Star []
Sent: Fri 14/10/2005 16:37
Subject: compiling Jakarta Redirector dll on x64 Windows

Hi guys,

I've got a Windows 2003 Server x64 edition, running on x64 Intel CPU.
It turns out that isapi_redirector.dll is not compiled against this platform.
Regular 32-bit version of the dll doesn't work with 64-bit IIS and AMD64 build that I was
able to
find doesn't run on Intel.
Now I was wondering if anyone had a chance to compile the mentioned dll on the Intel 64 under
Or if not I might try doing it myself, but I'll need your help guys.
Since I'm Java developer I'm not really familiar with Visual Studio (I've seen in sources
there is a
VS project there for the dll).
As far as I understand one has to run Visual Studio on the IA64 machine to get it compiled
In other words it's not possible to compile it on regular 32-bit windows to get Intel 64-bit
Now, which VS will I need? 6? 2003 .NET? 2005? I've seen Platform SDK was mentioned in few
Would I need that as well?
I'd appreciate some step-by-step instructions on what to do to get it compiled under IA64
Server 2003.


Best regardz,
"One must deal openly and fairly with one's forces if maximum effectiveness is to be achieved"
-D. Vader

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