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From Costin Manolache <>
Subject Small refactoring in Http11Processor
Date Fri, 09 Sep 2005 05:56:01 GMT

I have a small patch, spliting the JMX-dependent code in 
Http11Processor, i.e.  the few lines of code dealing with the 
registration of the thread pool and per thread data - and moving all 
non-jmx code in a separate base class.

I know Tomcat5 is heavily dependent on JMX, but the connector can be 
used in other containers, or it can be used standalone. This small 
change won't affect any functionality on tomcat - all methods are used 
only for intialization anyway, not in the critical path.

Please review and let me know if it's ok to commit the change.

Also, I would like to add another directory under j-t-c, with a build 
file and few classes for a 'mini' experiment - i.e. using the connector 
standalone, as a minimal http server, and also a target to build a 
minimal servlet container as a single self-contained jar. We don't have 
a sandbox, and j-t-c seems closest to that :-)


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