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From Mark Thomas <>
Subject Re: svn commit: r280906 - in /tomcat/site/trunk: docs/ docs/faq/ xdocs/
Date Wed, 14 Sep 2005 19:05:33 GMT
The basic content for the TLP site is now done and can be reviewed at

Whilst I want to tidy it up (remove duplication, fix typos, etc) and 
someone who knows more about our history than me needs to write 
something for the heritage page, I don't see why we could not go live 
with this.

I think the remaining steps to move to TLP are:

1. SVN
   a) Migrate TC3 & TC4 - In progress as I type
   b) Migrate TC5, Connectors and Jasper - will start once a) is done

2. Website
   a) Need created
   b) Load content from SVN (trivial)

3. Lists
   a) tomcat-user@j.a.o       -> user@tomcat.a.o
   b) tomcat-dev@j.a.o        -> dev@tomcat.a.o
   c) tomcat-committers@j.a.o -> pmc@tomcat.a.o
   d) Create announce@tomcat.a.o (posts from pmc only)

4. Gump
   a) Change to use SVN

5. Downloads/Archives
   a) Move from Jakarta to Tomcat

6. Wiki
   a) Do we want a Tomcat wiki?

What have I missed?


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