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From Rick Knowles <>
Subject Re: Jasper TCKing
Date Wed, 07 Sep 2005 13:14:14 GMT

>Thank you for the offer.  It's certainly welcome.  We have TCK grants for these
>APIs at Apache, and have had them for years. (In fact, the ASF has TCK rights
>from Sun for virtually every API out there ;))  But as you've noted, it's a
>time-consuming task, and in general we gladly welcome external help in all
Yes - I noticed the Apache Watchdog project heritage. Couldn't help but
laugh that Sun are charging for the same tests now (for commercial
vendors anyway) ...

The main thing I wanted to offer was to help with running it before
releases (which I think is part of the contract), and my understanding
is that only the individuals within the project that sign their lives
away to Sun are allowed access to the TCK, which I would guess isn't
everyone on the tomcat-dev team.

>Would it be possible for you to run the TCK occasionally (as your time permits,
>of course) on publicly-released Tomcat versions, and post the results either to
>this mailing list or as a Bugzilla issue for Tomcat?  If not, we'll see what we
>can work out.  There are some more private forums to which that information can
>go, but the public route is preferred, to help our users with their QA and due
>diligence tasks.
OK - no problem. Is it okay to post the results of TCK tests publicly
though ? I thought that wasn't allowed by the contract. I guess it
should be okay if I just publish the test groups and indexes that fail.

The tests that failed were:

jsp/api/javax_servlet/jsp/pagecontext: tests 15,28,30
jsp/api/javax_servlet/jsp/tagext/simpletagsupport: test 7
jsp/spec/core_syntax/actions/invoke: test 7
jsp/spec/core_syntax/implicitobjects: test 3
jsp/spec/tagfiles/semantics: tests 1,2,3,4

Note this is 5.5.9, so possibly already fixed.


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