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From Yoav Shapira <>
Subject Re: Jasper TCKing
Date Wed, 07 Sep 2005 12:50:35 GMT
Thank you for the offer.  It's certainly welcome.  We have TCK grants for these
APIs at Apache, and have had them for years. (In fact, the ASF has TCK rights
from Sun for virtually every API out there ;))  But as you've noted, it's a
time-consuming task, and in general we gladly welcome external help in all

Would it be possible for you to run the TCK occasionally (as your time permits,
of course) on publicly-released Tomcat versions, and post the results either to
this mailing list or as a Bugzilla issue for Tomcat?  If not, we'll see what we
can work out.  There are some more private forums to which that information can
go, but the public route is preferred, to help our users with their QA and due
diligence tasks.


--- Rick Knowles <> wrote:

> All,
> Not sure how to go about this, but I wanted to offer my services with
> TCK compliance testing of tomcat/jasper.
> I have been granted JSR 152 and 154 TCK karma for my own container
> (winstone), and I figured since TCK karma is so hard to get, you guys
> might appreciate having someone else who can share the responsibility
> for tomcat. Obviously there would be some working out of communication
> details because of TCK contract restrictions, but that shouldn't be
> hard. It's in my interest to help with compliance because Jasper is
> being used within Winstone - I've got it to pass all the JSR154 tests,
> but the 152 tests were failing in a few places ...
> I haven't been on this list for a while, so shoot me down if this is a
> known problem - I ran the JSP TCK over jasper + tomcat 5.5.9, and
> noticed that there were a few test failures when I ran it (four or so
> that I counted in the api section). The main reason was that under
> winstone I noticed the errors, so I tried running it against tomcat, and
> got the same errors. It's possible they've been excluded and I've
> misconfigured my test environment, so I well and truly leave open the
> possibility it's my fault - just wanted to check.
> Anyway, please let me know if the help is needed.
> Rick
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