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From Mark Thomas <>
Subject SVN migration Phase 3
Date Wed, 31 Aug 2005 19:47:46 GMT
It is now the turn of the servletapi repositories.

Given the previously expressed views on how these might be better 
named and my experience of the migration process so far I have 
modified my plan for servletapi part of the repository. The new 
version is at the end of this mail.

Changes are:
- Restructured the 'other' dirs so tags and branches remained separate
- Used combination of spec and Tomcat version for dir names
- Renamed 'trunk' using the same naming convention

I will be placing this request with infra shortly but there is time to 
modify this structure if needs be.


Directory          CVS Module(s)              CVS Branch/Tag
--------------     --------------------       --------------
                    j-servletapi-5             HEAD
                    j-servletapi               HEAD
                    j-servletapi-4             HEAD
                    j-servletapi               All other branches
                    j-servletapi-4             All other branches
                    j-servletapi-5             All other branches
                    j-servletapi               All 4.x tags
                    j-servletapi-4             All 3.x tags
                    j-servletapi-5             All 5.x tags
                    j-servletapi               All other tags
                    j-servletapi-4             All other tags
                    j-servletapi-5             All other tags

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