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From Mark Thomas <>
Subject Re: Subversion migration update
Date Wed, 17 Aug 2005 23:40:21 GMT
Mark Thomas wrote:
> The performance comparison between CVS and SVN is in the early stages 
> and I will post some results once I have a more complete set.

Tests performed on WinXP SP2, with Tortoise CVS 1.8.18 and Tortoise 
SVN 1.2.1 using the Watchdog repository. For tests using a single file 
I used build.xml.

The results are (averages in seconds):
Operation  CVS  SVN
checkout   38   51
history     4    5
blame       4    7
diff        4    2
revert      7    1

Also, SVN does not support revision graphs. Some tools can derive the 
graph but for the ASF repository this will take hours, possibly days.

See for a list of other SVN benefits.

I am +1 for moving the remaining Tomcat CVS modules to SVN.

Assuming everyone else is happy to move the remaining tomcat modules 
to SVN I would suggest the following stages (Watchdog was stage 1). 
I'll give people at least a week to comment on this proposal and 
assuming no -1's start the phase 2 towards the end of next week.

2. j-t-service, j-t-site
3. j-servletapi, j-servletapi-4, j-servletapi-5
4. j-tomcat, j-tomcat-4.0
5. j-t-catalina, j-t-5, j-t-jasper, j-t-connectors

Do we need an OK from the spec team before we do stage 3?

Any other comments/concerns?


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