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From Mattias Jiderhamn <>
Subject Jasper (or other) for parsing only
Date Tue, 26 Jul 2005 16:34:38 GMT
Hi all.
I'm looking into developing a JSP preview plugin for IntelliJ IDEA 
and therefore need to parse a JSP file into a DOM tree or similar. 
Sadly it seems to me that in Jasper (which is shipped with IDEA), the 
parsing is very tightly integrated with validation and 
generation/compilation. Is there an easy way to mock the 
compilation/validation part to get the parsing only?

Or could anyone recommend some other JSP parser to help me complete this task?

(GNUJSP is only JSP 1.0 and therefore lacks support of custom 
tags,  which is a must)

Thanks in advance,

    Mattias Jiderhamn

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