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From Mark Thomas <>
Subject Migration to Subversion
Date Wed, 27 Jul 2005 23:22:26 GMT

Following up on my offer to trial a Subversion migration using Watchdog, I 
started to think that it would be a good idea to have an idea of what we want 
our eventual Subversion layout to look like so we could target the Watchdog 
conversion to that layout and save rework at a later date.

My initial thoughts were that default migration (see below) could be improved 

After several false starts, I came up with a proposed layout based on the 
following ideas:
1. Modules no longer used (watchdog, service) should be clearly marked as archived
2. Each module should appear directly under /tomcat/
3. The trunk of each module should always be Tomcat 5.5.x
4. The latest versions of 5.0.x, 4.1.x, 4.0.x & 3.3.x should be clearly 
identified under branches of each module
5. Tags for modules should be grouped by the same versions as in 4 above
6. All the other branches and tags should be preserved but placed under 
'other' so they don't clutter up the most frequently used stuff

The layout is set out at the end of this mail.

Any and all comments appreciated. In particular:
a. Should more 3.x.x versions should be included in 4 & 5 above?
b. I have assumed that all releases before 5.5.x will use the 5.0 branch of 
the connectors. Is this assumption valid?

The build scripts are obviously going to need quite a lot of work but I think 
that will be the case however we do this migration.

Once we have agreement on this, I'll put in a request for the Watchdog 
migration and also kick off a discussion with infra on how best to go about 
the overall migration. It might be the case that they do a default migration 
for each module and we (I am happy to do it) move the directories around 

Finally, my intention with the migration of Watchdog is to see what, if any, 
performance differences there are between CVS and SVN. If there is no major 
performance hit moving to SVN, great, we can migrate the other modules 
whenever we choose. If there is a performance hit, we will have some hard 
evidence on which to base our decision about how to move forward.


Directory          CVS Module(s)              CVS Branch/Tag
--------------     --------------------       --------------
       /trunk/      j-tomcat-service           HEAD
       /branches/   j-tomcat-service           All branches
       /tags/       j-tomcat-service           All tags
       /tc4.1.x/    j-watchdog-4.0             HEAD
       /other/      j-watchdog, -4.0           All other branches
       /tc4.1.x/    j-watchdog-4.0             All 4.1.x tags
       /other/      j-watchdog, -4.0           All other tags

     /trunk/        j-tomcat-connectors        HEAD
       /pre5.5.x/   j-tomcat-connectors        TOMCAT_5_0
       /other/      j-tomcat-connectors        All except TOMCAT_5_0
       /tc3.3.x/    j-tomcat-connectors        All 3.3.x tags
       /tc4.0.x/    j-tomcat-connectors        All 4.0.x tags
       /tc4.1.x/    j-tomcat-connectors        All 4.1.x tags
       /tc5.0.x/    j-tomcat-connectors        All 5.0.x tags
       /tc5.5.x/    j-tomcat-connectors        All 5.5.x tags
       /other/      j-tomcat-connectors        All other tags

       /catalina/   j-tomcat-catalina          HEAD
       /core/       j-tomcat-5                 HEAD
       /3.3.x/      j-tomcat                   HEAD
       /4.0.x/      j-tomcat-4.0               tomcat_40_branch
       /4.1.x/      j-tomcat-4.0               HEAD
       /5.0.x/      j-tomcat-catalina          TOMCAT_5_0
       /other/      j-tomcat, -4.0, -catalina  All other branches
       /tc3.3.x/    j-tomcat                   All 3.3.x tags
       /tc4.0.x/    j-tomcat-4.0               All 4.0.x tags
       /tc4.1.x/    j-tomcat-4.0               All 4.1.x tags
       /tc5.0.x/    j-tomcat-catalina          All 5.0.x tags
       /tc5.5.x/    j-tomcat-catalina          All 5.5.x tags

     /trunk/        j-tomcat-jasper            HEAD
       /tc4.1.x/    j-tomcat-jasper            tomcat_4_branch
       /tc5.0.x/    j-tomcat-jasper            TOMCAT_5_0
       /other/      j-tomcat-jasper            All other branches
       /tc4.1.x/    j-tomcat-jasper            All 4.1.x tags
       /tc5.0.x/    j-tomcat-jasper            All 5.0.x tags
       /tc5.5.x/    j-tomcat-jasper            All 5.5.x tags
       /other/      j-tomcat-jasper            All other tags

     /trunk/        j-servletapi-5             HEAD
       /3.x.x/      j-servletapi               HEAD
       /4.x.x/      j-servletapi-4             HEAD
       /other/      j-servletapi, -4, -5       All other branches
       /3.x.x/      j-servletapi               All 3.x.x tags
       /4.x.x/      j-servletapi, -4           All 4.x.x tags
       /5.x.x/      j-servletapi-5             All 5.x.x tags
       /other/      j-servletapi               All other tags

     /trunk/        j-tomcat-site              HEAD
     /branches/     j-tomcat-site              All branches
     /tags/         j-tomcat-site              All tags

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