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From Peter Rossbach>
Subject Re: Tomcat Session Replication & Portlets
Date Sat, 09 Jul 2005 07:26:14 GMT
Hey Eric,

which tomcat release you use?  I have change a lot inside the current 
5.5 cvs head and hope your
work is compatible with this changes. I thing your changes is not easy 
and you must reflect that other
Valves and Listener must also reflect your API deprecated CrossContext 
feature. Why the Portlet API
need CrossContext?

Implementatation help: Your must rewrote the complete ReplicationValve 
and JvmRouteBinderValve

Look inside ReplicationValve.invoke and get from Container the Cluster
CatalinaCluster cluster = (CatalinaCluster) getContainer.getCluster();
Currently you can get the complete list of the registerted application 
It is not easy to detected changes coordinate the startup and restart 
manager phase.. ( Look inside DeltaManager :-)
I thing you must coordinate your replication with other threads ... ( 
very bad sync blocks....).

have fun...

Eric Dalquist schrieb:

> I have been working on getting session replication working with some 
> web applications that use cross context dispatching. In this case it 
> is uPortal and JSR-168 portlets running via the Jakarta Pluto portlet 
> container.
> Session replication is working as expected with uPortal. Portlets on 
> the other hand are not having their sessions replicated. In this 
> application configuration the follow calls are happening. The browser 
> makes a request to tomcat for the uPortal web application. While 
> uPortal is rendering it makes cross context dispatch calls to servlets 
> in the portlet web applications to render the results in the portal's 
> response.
> After some digging and stack traces to figure out how session 
> replication in tomcat is implemented I've determined why the portlet 
> applications are not having their sessions replicated. It appears that 
> there is a ReplicationValve which is enabled by the presence of the 
> <Cluster> tag in Tomcat's server.xml. This valve is only present in 
> the stack for a direct call to the container and is not present in a 
> cross context dispatched call.
> I would like to work with the Tomcat developers to implement the 
> ability for cross context calls to also notify the session manager 
> that replication should be considered for the context.
> I am prepared to do the work for this task but would like to get some 
> feed back from the tomcat developer community on recommendations and 
> in what way the work could be done to ensure its eventual inclusion in 
> the tomcat codebase.
> Thank you,
>   Eric Dalquist

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