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From Christine Ho <>
Subject Re: Support JSS in Tomcat
Date Fri, 22 Jul 2005 17:22:03 GMT

--- Bill Barker <> wrote:
> I don't think that anybody is proposing bundling
> jss34.jar with Tomcat.  It
> would be an optional dependency much like PureTLS is
> now.  Anybody that
> wanted to use it would have to download it from
> and install it.
> And as Remy pointed out, Christine would have to
> agree to donate her code to
> the ASF, at which point it would be licensed under

I have no problem to donate the codes to the ASF. I
just need the approval from my manager because the
code is owned by the company. 
Besides jss.jar, people also need to download two
shared libraries, nspr and nss from
because JSS is not pure JAVA implementation. 


> My reading of MPL-1.1 (again IANAL) is that:
>   import org.mozilla.some.package.SomeClass;
> isn't viral, so that there isn't any problem with
> having
> with an ASF
> license.

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