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From Christine Ho <>
Subject inprocess Tomcat/apache via mod_jk
Date Wed, 20 Jul 2005 23:31:36 GMT
   I tried to setup Tomcat 5.5.9 running inside the
apache server 2.x via the mod_jk on RHEL4. I got the
following error:
[debug] open_jvm2::jk_jni_worker.c (1055): JVM created
[emerg] get_bridge_object::jk_jni_worker.c (1097):
Can't find class

I looked at the mod_jk source codes and found out that
the mod_jk supports the TC32_BRIDGE_TYPE and
TC33_BRIDGE_TYPE. It doesnt support bridge type of
tomcat 4.x and up. Plus the tomcat 5.5.9 doesnt have
the JNIEndpoint.class.

However, it seems to me that the deprecated mod_jk2
supports bridge type of tomcat 4.x and up because it
tries to instantiate the class
org/apache/jk/apr/TomcatStarter.class which exists in

I really dont understand why the mod_jk supports
tomcat 3.x only whereas the deprecated mod_jk2
supports tomcat 4.x and 5.x. Can somebody please tell
me why? 

Also is it easy to have mod_jk to support
TC55_BRIDGE_TYPE? Based on the mod_jk source codes
jk_jni_worker.c, I think I just need to define the
org/apache/jk/apr/TomcatStarter.class and then assign
it to the btype. Is it just that simple?

Another question is what the disadvantages of running
tomcat inside the apache are. I googled and it seems
to me that not too many people try to run inprocess
tomcat inside apache. I would be interested in adding
the 5.5 bridge type to the mod_jk.


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