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From Bernard <>
Subject Re: Graceful restart on Windows [was Re: Adding working dynamically with mod_jk status?]
Date Wed, 01 Jun 2005 10:27:26 GMT

I use Apache httpd, mod_jk and Tomcat 5 under Linux.
Re-staring Apache httpd alone should never be a problem.

However when I re-start Tomcat, then I follow this sequence:
- Stop Apache httpd
- Restart Tomcat
- Start Apache httpd

I follow this sequence because mod_jk returns a server error if it
cannot connect to Tomcat.

In order for this to work, the Tomcat restart operation must truly
block (no timeout guessing workarounds here, please) so that the last
step "Start Apache httpd" does not start before Tomcat is running
again, and that there is no time wasted in the "Restart Tomcat" step.

Tomcat takes an awful lot of time to start unfortunately.

For more info refer to:
"jsvc does not block on Linux"


On Wed, 01 Jun 2005 02:30:14 -0500, you wrote:

>At 04:44 PM 5/31/2005, wrote:
>>After some more digging, it *appears* that "apache -k restart" WILL do a
>>graceful restart of Apache2 on Windoze.
>Of course it will.
>>Can anyone confirm this please?  And are there any "gotcha's" to watch out
>>for?  Can someone explain exactly how this works?  eg if I am in the middle
>>of a "chunk" (or series) of work  with a web browser and one of the
>>tomcats, will it restart in the middle of that?
>It has nothing to do with Tomcat [in fact it's mildly off-topic
>here.]  Essentially, the old child with multiple workers is told
>to quit it, so it stops accepting requests, and fulfills all the
>pending requests it accept()ed.  And a new child is kicked off to
>serve all future incoming requests.
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