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From <>
Subject Missing locale on Tomcat restart
Date Sun, 05 Jun 2005 10:22:42 GMT

Attached file is a log file "catalina.out". I didn't edit it.
The top 6 lines have Japanese characters, and rest are not.
At this time I restarted apache httpd server. I disn't restart tomcat.
After this, I get unreadable msgs of my application like "???? ?? ????".
I think these msgs are produced because "locale" was missing.
Our server is made in "ja_JP.eucJP".

$ printenv LANG

I see this string on any logon user, and yes when root'ed.

Usaully I don't see msg are out on "catalina.out" with httpd's
restart. So something happened at this point. It causes a problem
'cause my messages are made only in Japanese, not internationalized
like catalina logging system.

This trouble happens somtimes, and yes when httpd & tomcat are both
restarted. At such a time, I repeat the shutdown/start of httpd & tomcat
until "catalina.out" is logged in Japanese.
Also This trouble happens only in our production system, never happens
on our test system without "LANG=C". I think web acesses is one of reasons.

Is it a bug?

Led Hat Linux 7.3
apache 2.0.53

Hirosi Taguti

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