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From Andy Armstrong <>
Subject Re: Domino Tomcat Redirector
Date Fri, 17 Jun 2005 19:38:35 GMT
On 17 Jun 2005, at 20:20, Mladen Turk wrote:
> Well, IMO even IBM has give his hands out of the Domino.

Apparently so.

> If someone wish to roll a dice, we have 1.2.6 that 'should'
> support a Domino, at least version 5.
> I've tried to make (newer, even 1.2.6) it work with version 6
> (just as intellectual exercise) but never had any luck.

I haven't even looked at it I'm afraid. I don't have a box with  
Domino on it any more - in fact I don't have any Windows boxes at all  
so I'd only really be able to work on the Linux version.

> IMHO there is no reason to try to maintain something that
> has no real-world usage or at least a support from the
> (well IBM-lke company).


>> Thanks - it's been fun :)
> You can always find some other web server :)

I haven't used Domino for nearly two years and I have to say, without  
wishing to be unkind to the people who developed it, that my head is  
a lot better these days :)

The fact that I only use Apache myself has made it difficult to stay  
interested in Domino...

Andy Armstrong,

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