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From Remy Maucherat <>
Subject Re: summer of code - next steps
Date Mon, 27 Jun 2005 20:14:31 GMT
Tim Funk wrote:
> It appears that 2 (or 3) tomcat related projects have been accepted..
> - reverse proxy
> - jsp compilation speed

As I understand it, the above two are a done deal. I'll mentor the 
second one.

> - JSTL tag plugins (Unless this belongs to the jakarta taglib folks)

Oviously it's taglib related, but I don't think taglibs have business 
shipping Tomcat proprietary code.

> How should code be accepted for these?
> - Create a new sandbox?
> - Place on SF then have the mentor commit as needed

SF CVS doesn't work well enough IMO. Maybe the ASF will have a 
repository that can be used as a staging area.

> - Full commit for the student

I suspect it could happen fairly quickly.

> - Other
> This was talked about on the other mailing lists. For those using svn - 
> it seems a temporary account can be given to svn without needing to 
> provide a shell account. Since we are using cvs - thats not possible.

That's what I understood (more or less).
I propose we take the code in SVN, and put it in our CVS when it gets ready.


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