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From "charly" <>
Subject Authentication in TC 5.5.9 over jk 1.2.10 and IIS 5 fails
Date Sat, 04 Jun 2005 23:22:34 GMT

I am trying to use authentication within TC over JK 1.2.10 & IIS5.
I do not want to have IIS doing the authentication.
But I cannot configure IIS/JK accordingly.
I have tried tomcatAuthentication="false"/"true",
enabling/disabling basic/Integr. Windows. authentication within IIS at 
For example using the TC manager webinterface:
When the manager interface is requested TC sends response code 401
and the browser presents the login box.
When I enter the credentials (according to tomcat-users.xml), the request
with the "Authorization" header is sent to IIS but not relayed to
the jk connector at the tomcat side. i.e. this header is missing in the ajp 
header packet
(according to ethereal). Because of this TC sends 401 again.
I searched in the mailing lists and the bugdatabase and found
I understand that this bug is solved in that way that authentication is done
within IIS and the authenticated username could be queried at the tomcat- side.

My question is: Can be expected that authentication could also be
done within TC ? Or is there no support for this?
If authentication should also be possible on the TC side
then the missing header is a bug.
Can anyone give me advice?
Thank you
Regards Karl-Heinz


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