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From "Slobodan Vujasinovic" <>
Subject Connector issues
Date Wed, 22 Jun 2005 14:55:09 GMT

we, in Enhydra Development Team, have a little problem with Tomcat 5.5.9 administration.

There are some Connector issues that I want to point out here.

1. In new Enhydra 6.4-1 (based on Tomcat 5.5.9) we are enabling secure SSL HTTP Connector
initialization (default connector configuration present in 'server.xml' configuration file
with adaptable port setting). This part is working great!

But, when we try to administer installed Tomcat through its 'admin' application (change something
in server configuration and commit changes) SSL HTTP connector configuration gets corrupted.
All connector parameters are saved except 'sslProtocol' attribute setting which is not saved
(I presume) because of its default value (TLS). On server restart (when there is no 'sslProtocol'
parameter defined) SSL HTTP connector is initialized (without any exception - OK) but isn't
functional any more and 'admin application - SSL HTTP Connector - SSL Protocol' parameter
setting is empty. 
Tomcat documentation is saying that 'sslProtocol' parameter is not obligate (default value
is TLS) but it's a bit different in practice (must be some bug in HTTP connector-protocol

I've tried to find the cause of the problem in Tomcat source code!

It seems that problem can be resolved with simple implementation change in 'org.apache.catalina.connector.Connector'

     * Set the secure connection flag that will be assigned to requests
     * received through this connector.
     * @param secure The new secure connection flag
    public void setSecure(boolean secure) { = secure;
       // additionally set 'secure' ProtocolHandler property trough IntrospectionUtils class
       setProperty("secure", String.valueOf(secure));


This code adaptation seems to be working for me. I didn't manage to test this (my spare time
is very limited) heavily but I hope that someone will take some time to look into this.

2. We (in Enhydra) have 'Enhydra Director'  - web server plug-in for Apache, IIS and IPlanet
supporting advanced load balancing, clustering and runtime administration. 

To enable communication between Tomcat and 'Director' we have our own protocol implementation
('Enhydra Director Protocol').
When we add director-protocol implementation (binary) to Tomcat and (manually) insert additional
(Director) Connector configuration in 'server.xml' file everything is working (perfect).

But, there is a question of runtime creation and reconfiguration (like for other HTTP and
AJP protocol implementations).
We adapted original Tomcat Admin application (few simple implementation changes) and 'org.apache.catalina.mbeans.MBeanFactory'
(implemented creation of Director connector) Tomcat class together with 'mbeans-decriptors.xml'

Is there a way to enable creation and configuration of custom connector (protocol) implementations
during server runtime in predefined (elegant) manner? 
I don't want to patch original Tomcat binaries!

     Slobodan Vujasinovic
Enhydra Development Team


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