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From "William A. Rowe, Jr." <>
Subject Re: JK 1.2.12 is broken and can not be released as stable
Date Thu, 12 May 2005 21:10:19 GMT
Ok, all of the file ^M fixes within jakarta-tomcat-connectors
are finished.  I added the /Oy- flag as there was unanimous
concensus for -that- change.  I left out the /Gs0 since legit
concerns were raised.  Think we are ready for a tarball :)

-kb files which should not have been are now -ko.  It's easier
than diddling the ,v files directly, and I've never found the
cvs admin magic to take away the -k flag altogether.

You need a clean checkout to observe the actual tree, cvs up
does a lousy job of picking up -k flag changes.

Win32 images should be checked out on win32 cvs.  Short of that,
there is also some lovely magic in apr/build/ that
fixes only files it should touch.  (This works on unix to take
in win32 files, and on win32 to take in unix files.)

Unix users can now feel free to modify .dsp files etc as needed,
without playing ^M games.

Truly hope it helps.  Sorry for having to route through rowe-clan,
it seems tomcat-dev hates my persona.  (tomcat cvs did
not complain, but it's forwarded onto tomcat-dev.)  


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