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From Mark Thomas <>
Subject Re: cvs commit: jakarta-tomcat-catalina/webapps/docs changelog.xml
Date Thu, 12 May 2005 20:55:41 GMT
Bill Barker wrote:
> From: "Mark Thomas" <>
>>So the issues are:
>>1. AJP/1.3 compatibility
>>2. Potential DoS
>>As far as DoS goes, with the previous behaviour any parameters POSTed
>>would be persisted in the session until the authentication was completed
>>or the session timed out.  Therefore, the same issue exists with both
>>the old and new implementation. (a)
>>The size of the the POST is already limited by maxPostSize for both
>>FORM and CLIENT-CERT auth. Is the proposal to add another parameter to
>>the connector to optionally further limit the saved POST size when
>>authenticating? (b)
> The check on maxPostSize in the Request isn't applied to any 'chunked' POST
> body, and also not to any 'multipart/form-data'.  I don't see any place else
> that checks it except when CLIENT-CERT auth saves the request body.

I stand corrected. This is easy to fix if it is agreed that this, or 
something similar to it, is the way forward.

>>Given (a), I don't see a significant difference in risk between the old
>>and new behaviour. I am happy to mitigate this risk by implementing (b).
>>As maxPostSize applies to any POST, including during CLIENT-CERT auth my
>>own view is that the new parameter should apply only to the
>>FormAuthenticator valve and should default to 0 (ie no data saved). -1
>>would mean use whatever value is specified for maxPostSize and any value
>>>0 would be the limit unless maxPostSize was smaller in which case
>>maxPostSize would override the new parameter. The docs for this
>>parameter would include a health warning about the risks of permitting
>>the saving of POSTed data during FORM authentication.
> No.  Previously only the Parameters were saved, and limited by maxPostSize.
> Now you are saving off file-upload posts as well, and these aren't limited
> anywhere.

As above, putting the limit in is easy.

>>I obviously also need to look at AJP/1.3 compatibility. Any hints/tips
>>gratefully received.
> It should be something like:
>    request.getCoyoteRequest().action(ActionCode.ACTION_SET_BODY_REPLAY,
> body);
> but that won't work either unless Jk-Coyote gets cleaned up a bit (the
> ActionHook implementation is one of those "it's ugly but it works" things at
> the moment :).  I could do the cleanup if the consensus is that this is the
> way to go.

Any help would be great. It took me a while to figure out how to get 
this far.

>>If these issues aren't resolved by the time of the next release, I'll
>>revert the saving the raw data part of the patch.

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