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From Remy Maucherat <>
Subject Re: Code Submission - Wild Card Aliases
Date Thu, 12 May 2005 17:09:59 GMT
George Sexton wrote:
> OK, here is what I believe is the final version of the Mapper code with
> support for wildcard matching.
> The new code is approximately 14.7% faster, executing the 1,000,000
> iteration test loop in 7480 ms versus 8772.5 ms for the original code, a
> difference of 1292.5 ms. Times were computed by executing the main()
> function 10 times, and recording the results. The median value was then
> calculated and used for reporting. For those interested, the times for the
> tests are below.
> Here are the files:
> - New File to act as a container for hosts. It contains
> searching methods to find hosts.
> Mapper.diff - Diff between 5.5.9 mapper and the current one. Because of the
> abstraction of the host mapping into a new class it's not super useful, but
> included for completeness.
> - Complete, modified file.
> Harness_output.diff - Difference between the test harness output using the
> 5.5.9 code, and the modified code.
> Once I sort out the correct method of setting the default # of Alias
> Matches, I will submit the complete set as a diff. Unless someone else want
> to do the parameter setting. Right now the default # of alias matches is
> hard-wired to 16.
> Some people have asked me to integrate the test harness into a Junit testing
> module. Unfortunately, I don't have any experience w/ Junit, so I don't
> think I would be a good candidate for this.
> There's one final thing. During previous discussions, it was kind of hinted
> I should put the alias match limiting in the Connector. It seems kind of
> ugly since this seems to apply at the host or alias level. Does anyone have
> thoughts on this?
> For testing purposes, a P3 600 Mhz running SUSE Linux 9.2, w/ JDK
> 1.4.2_06-b03 was used.

I like it to some extent (haven't fully verified it, though), but I'm 
still not hot about adding the newly "found" hosts to the host list. 
Even if it's slower, I think I'd prefer a separate prefix matching step, 
since filling the list with new hosts is likely going to create problems 
and add special cases (ex: managing hosts when you have a host as and another less relevant *

For exact matches (which is done in a few places inside Tomcat), using 
hash codes might work a bit faster, so it could be beneficial.


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