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From Remy Maucherat <>
Subject Re: Code Submission - Wild Card Aliases
Date Wed, 04 May 2005 19:41:12 GMT
George Sexton wrote:
> You should read my message more carefully. 
> I re-wrote it. It's 15% faster than the current 5.5.9 code. Elapsed time
> drops from 8772 ms for the stock 5.5.9 code to 7383ms for the revised code.
> You know, I bit my lip and re-wrote the algorithm, even though I think it's
> a case of pursuing performance mindlessly at the expense of maintainability.
> If anyone thinks I'm exagerating this, look at the code. There are
> re-implementations of binary search algorithms and case-insensitive
> comparisons. I spent several hours fine-tuning the code to yield a really,
> measurable performance increase.
> I am more than a little personally offended by your cavalier and autocratic
> attitude. You didn't even bother to read the first few paragraphs of my
> message.
> Yes, you can make use cases for anything, but a real thorn in my side as a
> commercial software developer using servlets is that hosting companies won't
> run servlet engines. I think that the things I am running into are the same
> problems any commercial hoster is going to run into. This is the same circle
> we went into a year ago when I griped that the management application was
> host oriented, and required a context installed in every virtual host. 
> Just because someone want to do something with a product that you don't does
> not mean their reasons aren't valid, or that it's fair to use emotionally
> charged and dismissive terms to describe their position.

If you want me to be less dismissive, and you want to touch to critical 
code, you'll have to become a committer first or submit obviously good 
code. This means caring more about improving things than adding the one 
feature you care about, and which seems questionable.

The original code you submitted looks quite bad so I don't trust your 
measurements at all, sorry.


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