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From Remy Maucherat <>
Subject Re: Code Submission - Wild Card Aliases
Date Tue, 03 May 2005 14:04:29 GMT
George Sexton wrote:
> I have completed the coding in o.a.t.u.http.mapper.Mapper to implement
> wild-card aliases.
> If a request for a host is made, and that host is not found, the code tests
> the host and aliases list and looks for wild-cards.
> So, a host name of would match an alias of *
> This additional level of testing is only done if the the presented host name
> is not found in the standard host list. Once a host is found via wild-card,
> it is added to the standard host list. Subsequent requests for that host
> name will find it via the standard search mechanism.
> As part of the conversion, I re-worked the test harness code and expanded it
> to be a lot more complete. The output of the new test harness with the
> unmodified Mapper code matches identically the output of the modified
> mapper. IOW, I'm 99% confident that the behavior of the Mapper matches the
> old Mapper.
> The time differential between the two runs is around 500ms over 1 million
> iterations. I.E. the original code runs in 8000 ms for 1 million iterations
> of the testing code, while the new code takes 8500ms. The new code adds
> approximately 0.05 % to the time for a lookup.
> I am running the modified mapper code with 5.5.9 on an installation that has
> 40 hosts configured and it seems to be working correctly.
> I'd really appreciate it if a committer would get this added to the source
> tree.
> The complete modified file can be downloaded from:
> If a decision is made to reject this patch, I'd appreciate knowing why. If
> there's something wrong from a coding or style perspective, I'd be happy to
> fix things.

-1 for lower performance and questionable use case.
(I didn't get the patch, but I don't really wish to)


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