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From Remy Maucherat <>
Subject Re: Initial test of APR on Solaris
Date Tue, 03 May 2005 08:43:22 GMT
Bill Barker wrote:
> Yeah, that works for me as well.  My problem now is that the APRized HTTP
> Connector dies about 70% of the way through a test when I use the HTTPClient
> option in JMeter.  A thread-dump shows all of the Workers waiting, and the
> Poller polling, but nothing is happening.  It's a bit happier when I

There's not much wrong with that situation, since it's a bit hard to 
tell what the client is doing. Maybe it's the 62 sized poller causing 
trouble if running on Windows (you should get a message about that), in 
which case you'd need to build APR from scratch. Is the Acceptor thread 
still accepting and giving that to the workers ?

> restrict maxThreads, but it still doesn't finish.  The Java HTTP Connector
> finishes the test fine.
> Not using the HTTPClient option works Ok, but the actual concurrency level
> is much lower.

It's hard to tell what is going wrong. Is there logging showing 
attempted requests and failure codes ?


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