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From Costin Manolache <>
Subject Re: [RESULT] PMC Chair
Date Fri, 01 Apr 2005 16:43:49 GMT
Kurt Miller wrote:
> From: "Yoav Shapira" <yoavsh@MIT.EDU>
>> Below is the draft resolution we agreed on previously, so it should be
>> pretty close.  We need to make sure the PMC names are correct and 
>> complete.
>> Congrats to Remy and thanks everyone for voting, and of course thanks 
>> Henri
>> ;)
>> Yoav
> While my low level of involvement probably doesn't merit being in the PMC,
> I'm concerned that only those names that appear in the PMC list will retain
> active committer status. I'm sure there are other committers who fall into
> my category. Will the 50+ committers who are not on the PMC be move
> to emeritus status? If not how will that be decided?
> Congratulations to Remy. Also thank you Yoav for moving the formalities 
> along.

Congratulation Remy !

I think a lot of people agree that anyone who is an active committer 
should be in the PMC ( that's what jakarta has been doing for a long 
time ). It's 'should' - not 'must' - that means you are not required to 
do this if you really don't want to.

I think Remy has already sent additional lists of people who are active 
but have not voted. I assume those who really don't want will have to 
send email to Remy to be taken out of the list before it goes to the board.

Regarding 'emeritus status' - I think usually people who have not 
participated in the last 6 months ( or 1 year ) can be moved to 
'emeritus' - unless they ask to remain in the list of active committers.
( for example because they plan to return to active soon, etc :-). We 
could send a mail to everyone in the avail list, and if we don't get an 
answer or we get an 'I don't care' - we should do the switch.


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