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From G√ľnter Knauf <>
Subject Re: [ANN] JK 1.2.10 Released
Date Fri, 01 Apr 2005 13:02:03 GMT
Hi Mladen,
>> for getting the Apache13 and Netscape connectors compiled I had to patch
>> jk_connect.c:
>> if you have no better idea I would like to get that in...

> This is related to MetroWerks compiler treating warnings as errors,
> if I remember correctly? Why don't you use GCC?
Yep. Because Metrowerks is still the 'official' NetWare compiler, and Apache is still built
with it; also the build systems are currently only to support MW.
In addition the gcc crosscompiler versions floating around have issues which prevent building
with gcc. Novell has now internally modified gcc self, and ported their own linker to Linux;
but they did not yet make this the official compiler, nor release the linker source.

Also I would like to mention that I'm probably way more frustrated about those banana patches
than you cause I reported that compiler bug directly to the Novell manager who was reponsible
for Metrowerks connection years ago, I even wrote a sample to demonstrate the problem; and
after that three more versions of the stupid compiler were released and they from Metrowerks
werre not able to fix it!!!!

greets, Guenter.

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