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From Gary Orser <>
Subject ant installer target
Date Mon, 25 Apr 2005 21:33:56 GMT

Not finding any clues in the archives or web...

I've been struggling with trying to get the ant "installer" target to
work.  (tried both 5.5.9 tarball and build.xml cvs checkout).  I've tried
this both with cygwin, and cmd.exe (ugh!).  Both produce similar results.

In debugging this I've discovered that the installer target should have a 
depends="prepare-release".  Additionally, the target doesn't copy many 
files that it needs from ./build and other places to ./dist.

Is this target supposed to work?

How is the .exe distribution being created that is on the tomcat website?  

Has nsis been deprecated?

Is there some reference/howto that describes this process better?

Am I missing something fundamental here?...

PS.  I had originally thought that this would be a cool way to have a
point and click installer for our webapp that needs to be installed as a
service.  Just include our app in webapps, change filenames,
descriptions,banners, and away we go...  I guess nothing is ever that

Cheers, Gary
Gary Orser 
Montana State University
Department of Cell Biology and Neuroscience
Center for Computational Biology
1 Lewis Hall, Bozeman MT, 59717

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