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From "Ian F. Darwin" <>
Subject Re: bugs 34140 and 34199
Date Thu, 21 Apr 2005 16:12:30 GMT
Henri Gomez wrote:

>Many way :
>- check the AJP port is listening on the right port.
>- Add a 'status' file in AJP support created after AJP is completly up
>and destroyed when AJP is closing.
>BTW, it will be better to have such file created when Tomcat is fully
>started (independant from AJP which could be disactivated by conf) and
>destroyed just before Tomcat stop. And if you could get the initial
>process/job id and pass it to tomcat, it could fill this fill with
>such jobid.
Anything depending on files will give "false positives" when Tomcat is 
hit by kill -9 (on unix, or equiv on others), dies to to a JVM crash, or 
hangs after an "out of memory" error. You'd need to update the file 
periodically in the server and have a client API for checking the timestamp.

So I think the AJP port maybe more reliable, but it, too, will give 
false + if the server gets hung.

Maybe there should be a simple optional new "IsActiveConnector", if you 
enable it in config, then connect to it and send a message, it responds 
if it things the server is running correctly.  Oh, well, then why not 
just send a simple HTTP request? The IsActiveConnector is fairly simple 
to implement, but is it a good idea?

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