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From "Ian F. Darwin" <>
Subject Re: naming conventions
Date Mon, 11 Apr 2005 17:50:38 GMT
bnelson wrote:

>The naming conventions used with Tomcat/jakarta/catalina is confusing and
>complicated beyond compare. 
Sorry you find it excessive. Think about any real-world system (Windows, 
UNIX) and you will find some thing(s) arbitrary or historical about it.

>My first exposure to Tomcat 5.5 is installing
>and configuring with IIs. Not a big deal....except the naming conventions.
>files -> Tomcat
>environment variables -> catalina
>IIs service names -> jakarta
>For the files in /conf
>web.xml -> org.apache.catalina.servlets
Tomcat is the program's name. Catalina is a major rewrite of internals. 
Jakarta is the name of the top-level Apache project (people are voting 
this very week to move out from under it, so hopefully we can at least 
replace most occurences of "jakarta" with "tomcat" over the next 'n' 
releases). Web.xml is out of our control: the filename and format of 
Web.xml is in Sun's J2EE Servlet Specification; the name prefix 
org.apache is used by all(?) Apache Java projects, and is in keeping 
with Sun's J2SE package naming conventions.

>Need I go on? Choose a name, use that name, KISS.
>OSS should not mean Outrageously Stupid Symbol-names
Glad your acronym parser/generator is working at peak efficiency :-)

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