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From Remy Maucherat <>
Subject Re: New TLP draft
Date Fri, 08 Apr 2005 14:20:40 GMT
Henri Yandell wrote:
> On Apr 6, 2005 8:15 AM, Remy Maucherat <> wrote:
>>Here's a new draft with the necessary updates.
>>I suppose this needs to be sent to the PMC for approval. If this draft
>>is ok, I will send it there.
>>Then there are infrastructure taks:
>>- renaming mailing lists
> To answer a later comment, Infra seem to have renaming of lists
> scripted. Roy's taken care of the last few I've seen happen and they
> seem to go very painlessly.
>>- moving CVS
> Also, UNIX group stuff on the server. I assume your users all get
> added to a new tomcat group.
> Need to identify just how much of the jakarta-* CVS will go with
> Tomcat. Watchdog + ServletAPI modules?

That's undecided. Would the old projects would remain at Jakarta, or 
would they be covered by the new project ?

> Is it worth moving jakarta-tomcat* to apache-tomcat* if CVS is
> definitely being turned off before 2006? Seems that the least amount
> of work would be to do:
> 1) Tomcat becomes officially TLP at a board meeting in a few weeks
> 2) Remy points out Tomcat's desire to remain on CVS to Infra

No disruption at all. Very good.

>>- new DNS and virtual host
> After this: creation of new tomcat site and redirect/modification of
> jakarta site.



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