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From "Ian F. Darwin" <>
Subject VOTE on final TLP draft
Date Wed, 06 Apr 2005 18:21:58 GMT

>> BTW, the struts project recently went through this and ended up with 
>> I think
>> are a decent set of by-laws.

>>        RESOLVED, that the initial Apache Tomcat PMC be and hereby is
>>        tasked with the creation of a set of bylaws intended to
>>        encourage open development and increased participation in the
>>        Apache Tomcat Project; and be it further
OK, so the Resolutions mean we don't have to decide on our "set of 
bylaws" just yet.

That being the case, if there is nothing more to discuss over the set of 
Resolutions, should we just have the initial PMC members vote on it and 
send it to the Board for approval?  This does not need to be a secret 
ballot since it's just pro/con, so we should be able to move quickly.  I 
volunteer to be vote counter this time. I'd like to propose:
    simple majority (11) of initial PMC list constitutes approval to 
send resolutions to the Board.
    48 hour time limit (+ a few to make it an even time), so vote ends at:
         1700 Eastern Time,  Friday, April 8, 2005.
    Any one of the initial PMC list that I haven't heard from at the 
half-way point gets ONE
       nag by email at their email address as in the resolution.

The official wording of this ballot is:
    To approve sending the Resolutions, as posted by Remy Maucherat
    earlier today (specifically Message-Id: <>),
    to the Board of Directors of the Apache Software Foundation.

In case there's any doubt, my vote is +1. :-)

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