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From "Michael J." <>
Subject Re: Indirect jsp:include does not seem to work
Date Fri, 01 Apr 2005 19:52:36 GMT
> A syntax reference is not the same as a specification. Specifications
> are (supposedly) more rigorous and
> more precise in their specification of required behaviour. Tomcat is the
> reference implementation
> for the Servlet and JSP specifications.  It might be helpful if
> everybody who is interested in this
> discussion could please read [spec list skipped]

I will read the specs, but I am having a deja vu: California Driver's
Handbook is for drivers, who don't know how to drive anyway. It is
just a funny comics pamphlet. California Vehicle Code is a real thing
for cops, and contains all the proper rules.

> <spec-quote version="2.4" section="8.4">
> Before the forward method of the RequestDispatcher interface returns, the
> response content must be sent and committed, and closed by the servlet
> container.
> </spec-quote>

Frankly speaking, as a user I don't care about dispatchers, responses
and containers. I just want to include a _resource_, which is allowed
according to Sun's "quick reference card" for JSP 1.2. Ok, Sun
apparently is screwed up, mixing the requirements, but it should not
be my problem, because its syntax reference card works for me :) I
want my problem to be solved. And this works in other containers. I
understand that Tomcat has to go by the real spec, not by the comics
book. Then, in this case spec should be updated.

This functionality is important to me. And currently I cannot
implement it on Tomcat without a... er... "patch", which I did myself
and which can break something else. So I would prefer a real fix from
Tomcat pros.

> The language for the 2.3 spec is similar.  Bottom line: Resin is wrong ;-).

Wrong or not, it works great for me.

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