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From "Michael J." <>
Subject Re: Indirect jsp:include does not work
Date Fri, 01 Apr 2005 18:34:48 GMT
I found bug #21440 in ASF bug database which looks awful like the one
I have. It was entered in July, 2003 and is still not resolved. Tomcat
devs considered "against attempting to fix this bug (if confirmed it
is actually one) in 4.1.x." and that its "severity 'minor', since this
is a corner case that should not occur often."

I am sorry, this is not the "corner case". I need this functionality.
And considering that my hosting provider uses Tomcat 4.x, I might be
able to persuade him to use a patch, if it were available. My provider
does not have intentions to switch to Tomcat 5 now (which has this bug
too, by the way). Resin works, and Jetty works with a proxy JSP page.
So, for development I can use other servlet containers, but I need
Tomcat to be patched for production, including 4.x (at least 4.1.x).

I tested my app on 4.0.6, 4.1.31 and 5.0.28, it did not work.

Thank you,

> I have master jsp page, and I try to jsp:include
> page="/", which forwards to detail jsp page,
> but this does not work. On Tomcat 4.x and 5.x the detail
> page content is included, but further content from the
> master page is stripped out.
> According to jsp specs, if I include a resource with
> jsp:include, its content should be included in the page.
> Afaik the spec does not specify nesting level.


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