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From Costin Manolace <>
Subject Re: TLP Draft Proposal
Date Wed, 23 Mar 2005 19:10:15 GMT
Remy Maucherat <remm <at>> writes:

> Peter Lin wrote:
> > my non scientific tests with jdk1.5 using JMeter tells me it's a bit
> > faster than jdk1.4, but I doubt it is faster than SWT. If I had more
> > free time, I would definitely be interested in a SWT admin
> > application.  oh well, that's life :)
> As you may have noticed, I do like some of the Eclipse stuff (and I use 
> Eclipse-the-IDE itself). Regardless of its performance (which is 
> actually bad on non Windows systems, from what I understand), I would 
> however have to veto usage of SWT, given the better overall performance 
> one gets with Swing.
> Obviously, you can try to demonstrate that this is not the case, and SWT 
> is superior on all platforms, but somehow I doubt it. The only remaining 
> benefit I see is "portability" to non Sun JVMs, as the free 
> implementation of Swing isn't complete yet (this seems to be progressing 
> very quickly at the moment, however).

I think you are wrong on this one.

At least on Linux ( and low-end hardware ) SWT seems to be faster, even with the
crapy GTK bindings ( that could be optimized a lot ). 

I guess what's more important in SWT is the design based on using the platform
UI instead of drawing pixels and attempting to make it look like the real
platform widgets. 

There is also the issue of complexity - SWT is a very clean and simple API.

I spent a lot of time with SWT - if I would write an UI app, it'll be my choice.

However, I think it would be more interesting to do the the admin app in XUL.
Seriously ! It'll mean it requires mozilla/firefox/etc - but I think it would be
easier to maintain and develop it, and just as powerfull.    


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