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From Costin Manolache <>
Subject Re: [ANN] JK 1.2.10 Released
Date Thu, 31 Mar 2005 14:54:17 GMT
Mladen Turk wrote:
> Henri Gomez wrote:
>> I could provide Linux binaries for Suse 8.0 PPC and Suse SLES 9 but
>> it's up to distributions mainteners to provide such binaries (via
>> rpm/deb).
>> Take a look at jpackage for many Linux RPM binaries
> Yes, that is my opinion too.
> We should focus on providing a solid:
> 'configure && make && make install', rather then
> providing a binaries for ourself.
> I think that we are good and mature project that any
> serious linux distribution (at least targeted for
> enterprise environment) should take into account,
> and provide a binaries on their own.
> We can provide binaries for platforms that does not
> come with integrated build system like WIN32, and
> we are doing so. Although, personally I would be
> pleased to see the isapi_redirector.dll as part of the
> next XP service pack, it's hard too expect something
> like that :)

I kind of disagree...

If I want Firefox for linux - I get it from It may be a 
.tar.gz or .rpm - but it is a binary provided by the software 
maintainers, not by a 3rd party ( like a linux distributor ). And it is 
the 'real' thing, not a randomly modified version ( different flags and 
features, etc ).

Linux is such a mess in large part because people who write software 
treat it as second-class - 'let someone else deal with compiling 
binaries for linux, I'll only do it for windows and mac'. As a result 
linux distributions have the freedom to mess up and 'personalize' each 
package to their own taste ( we all know how painful it is to switch 
from one distro to another or use/support 2 distros - each file is in a 
different place - this is called lock in ). On windows - you can get 
nice binaries, with installer and everything else you would expect - 
distributed by the package authors.


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