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From Costin Manolache <>
Subject Re: TLP Draft Proposal
Date Wed, 23 Mar 2005 22:07:40 GMT
Jim Jagielski wrote:
> The PMC Chair has "ultimate" authority, since the position is board
> appointed and results in the Chair being a VP of the ASF. There's
> no precedent for "sharing" the role or having a "co-Chair." The PMC
> Chair is the point man for the PMC.

Yes, we know - that's one of the reasons some people want this to be a 
'rotating' position.

"Sharing" the role ( i.e. the tasks ) has a lot of precedents.

I have no problem with someone having this kind of authority - in 
projects like Linux or Python, where the guy in charge created the 
project in the first place. I am not confortable at all with having the 
'ultimate' authority appointed - even when (in most cases) it is at the 
recomandation of the community. IMO it is the worse of both worlds.

> The PMC Chair is nominated by the PMC, and the recommendation is
> sent in with the PMC resolution. The board then debates the issue
> and will usually approve the resolution and appoint the nominated
> person as chair.
> Since the PMC Chair is the main guy for the PMC, it is even more
> an issue for that person to be very much an ASF weenie and
> understand and embrace the Apache Way... It can be a
> "political" and "managerial" kind of position and any candidate
> should realize that sad fact :/

Well, Remy and Yoav are members of ASF - so they clearly passed the 
'Apache Way' test. If this is a requirement - than the pool of 
candidates is going to be quite small ( Remy, Yoav, you, Bill - and 
Craig or Justina if they choose to get back )

For 'managerial' and 'political' - I think both did both ( maybe without 
enjoying it, but still...)


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