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From "Daniel Rabe" <>
Subject RE: procrun and stack size
Date Wed, 30 Mar 2005 19:24:42 GMT

Thanks for the response. I'm sorry if my original post wasn't clear. I'll try to clarify.

The question is not "how to tell the Tomcat service what size stack to use." That, as you
point out, can be set using the manager GUI, or parameters at service install time (both of
which set registry entries which procrun/tomcat uses at run-time). Rather, the question is
about what procrun/tomcat DOES with that data at run-time.

It is my observation that procrun/Tomcat does NOT honor the stack size that you set with the
manager GUI. You can experiment with this by seeing how many threads you can create while
running something in the context of Tomcat. I have a small JSP page that does this; I will
append it at the end of this email. Edit the JSP page to set the number of threads to create.
On a 32-bit Windows system, I can never create more than about 1200 threads. (I use 512 for
min and max heap size; this number will affect how many threads you can get started as well,
even though the stack space is not taken from the heap.) This would be consistent with each
thread reserving a stack size of about 1 Mb. Specifying a different stack size with the manager
GUI does NOT affect this behavior at all.

On Windows, the size of the stack for a native thread is taken from a field in the executable
file header. You can use Microsoft's dumpbin and editbin utilities to examine and modify this
value (or you can use a binary editor like WinHex). This field is set to 1 Mb in tomcat5.exe.
If I modify the tomcat5.exe header to use 256 Kb instead of 1 Mb, then when I re-run my threads
test I can get upwards of 5,000 threads started! (Interestingly, this works only if you do
NOT specify a stack size in the manager GUI. If you specify a stack size, then I'm again limited
to about 1200 threads.)

For more about stack size weirdness on Windows, please see:
-- Microsoft article about thread stack sizes on Windows. -- Sun forum entitled "Max
threads when running under JNI". Basically a description of the same problem I'm seeing with
Tomcat. -- Sun Java bug report; the bug
itself is not directly relevant, but some of Sun's comments are helpful. There appears to
be some strange behavior around reserved vs committed stack space.

So, back to my original point: Given that a thread that's started when you run java.exe has
a 256k stack on Windows, I think a thread that's started in the context of Tomcat should run
with the same stack size. The way to do that appears to build tomcat5.exe with the reserve
stack size set in the .exe header.

Does it make more sense now?


----- threads.jsp -----
<%@ page import="*" %>



	MyThread.runTest( 1300 );
	public static class MyThread extends Thread
		public static void runTest( int nThreads ) throws InterruptedException
			MyThread threads[] = new MyThread[ nThreads ];
				for ( int i = 0; i < nThreads; i++ )
					threads[ i ] = new MyThread( i );
				System.out.println( "Starting " + nThreads + " threads..." );
				for ( int i = 0; i < nThreads; i++ )
					threads[ i ].start();
				System.out.println( "Running..." );
				Thread.sleep( 5000 );
				for ( int i = 0; i < nThreads; i++ )
					threads[ i ].release();
			System.out.println( "Done." );
		private int id;
		public MyThread( int childid )
			id = childid;
		public synchronized void run()
			catch ( InterruptedException e )
		public synchronized void release()


-----Original Message-----
From: Mladen Turk [] 
Sent: Thursday, March 24, 2005 11:58 PM
To: Tomcat Developers List
Subject: Re: procrun and stack size

Daniel Rabe wrote:
> I'm running Tomcat 5.0.28 on Windows XP Pro. I recently discovered that the number of
threads I could create from within my webapp was significantly less than I could running a
program with java.exe. After a lot of research, I discovered that if you run a JVM from a
C wrapper (as Tomcat does with procrun), the default stack size is taken from the "stack reserve"
field in the .exe header. Passing -Xss to the created JVM does not appear to have any effect.
Has anybody considered building Tomcat's procrun with a smaller stack size, to make it more
consistent with java.exe? In j2sdk 1.4.2_06 (I haven't looked at other versions), java.exe
is linked with a 256k stack. I would suggest that would be a reasonable size for Tomcat as

I do not understand you question.
If it's how to set the stack size for the JVM, you can either use
manager gui or when install/update parameters use the
--JvmSs=NN that will be passed as -XssNNk

OTOH have no idea what would be the 'optimum' default stack size.
Also I'm not sure that java.exe itself sets the -Xss by itself unless
you explicitly pass that in command line.


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