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From Jess Holle <>
Subject Re: Web apps vs. Logging vs. Tomcat
Date Fri, 18 Mar 2005 02:44:09 GMT
Bill Barker wrote:

>You just need to provide the methods (if you wanted to code against
>Catalina, you'd just create a LifecycleListener :).  This is a hook into
>commons-modeler, so you technically could use a plain old JavaBean.
>Otherwise, DynamicMBeans probably work best (or, at least give you the most
I have gotten used to using my own subclasses to StandardMBean.  This 
allows me to lay out the "static" portion of my MBean with an interface 
and extend it as necessary -- adding dynamic and open MBean behaviors as 
necessary in my own classes.

Java 1.5's APT turns out to make automated generation of MBean 
descriptions, operation parameter names, impacts, etc, from MBean 
interface Javadoc, formal parmeter names, annotations, etc, quite 
simple.  A little more elbow grease and the descriptions are localized 
(based on the server's locale).

Jess Holle

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