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From Jess Holle <>
Subject Re: Web apps vs. Logging vs. Tomcat
Date Thu, 17 Mar 2005 21:16:33 GMT
P.S.  Why does Tomcat use Commons Logging rather than UGLI?

Jess Holle wrote:

> I had e-mailed this to users mailing list, but I have what I believe 
> is a more "dev" follow-on question:
>    Is there a good way to get my own start/stop action called at a
>    per-VM level?
>    This is assuming I end up having to move log4j up into Tomcat's
>    classloaders -- at which point I'll want to install my
>    LoggerRepository controlling MBeans up at this level as well -- as
>    log4j's MBeans have issues and using log4j loggers means you don't
>    get the (admittedly sparse) java.util.logging MBean coverage.
> -- 
> Jess Holle
> Jess Holle wrote:
>> I have been trying to get really serious about log4j in web apps.
>> I note that Tomcat (thanks to commons-logging) uses java.util.logging 
>> *except* for loggers created while my web app's classloader is the 
>> current contextual classloader -- at which point it suddenly uses 
>> log4j (since my web app does) without giving my web app a chance to 
>> initialize it in any way as best I can tell.
>> My web app has a ServletContextListener which initializes log4j by 
>> setting up its own LoggerRepository, configuration file and watcher 
>> (since log4j's won't shutdown), etc.  Of course, every Tomcat logger 
>> created within my web app up until this point is now using log4j from 
>> my web app (!) and using the basic [if present] from 
>> my web app -- for loggers that apply to all web apps!
>> How is one supposed to work this?  I am currently using a static 
>> LoggerRepository reference within my web app so that a log4j loaded 
>> higher in the classloader tree won't cause LoggerRepository sharing.  
>> I was using a JNDI-based LoggerRepositorySelector as per log4j author 
>> recommendations, but this goes a step further than above -- it puts 
>> all the Tomcat loggers that are errantly using my log4j into my 
>> LoggerRepository -- which would be fine if these loggers were not 
>> shared with other web apps.
>> What's the solution here?  Do I have to put log4j into Tomcat's lib 
>> directories to force it to use its own centralized log4j?  Is that 
>> the best solution?
>> -- 
>> Jess Holle

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