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From Matej Kafadar <>
Subject tomcat 4.1.x with jdk1.4.2 ssl certificate(4096-key length) support - again
Date Wed, 09 Mar 2005 13:50:54 GMT

I have allready sent this question in user mail group, but there was no 
response, so I try lucky here. I would be happy if some expert or some 
who allready solved this problem, give me answer or hint about this.

Repeted qouestion:

is it possible to have tomcat 4.1.x running with jdk1.4.2 and have SSL 
with client authentication(client has certificate issued by CA which has 
certificate with public key length of 4096 bit)?

Java 1.4 doesn't support rsa key size of 4096 (only to 2084). With 
keytool you aren't able to import certificate(4096) to cacerts. I 
instaled BouncyCastle provider(which support 4096 key). Only when I set 
it to be default provider, I manageed to import certificate(4096) to 
cacerts. TomCat doesn't work if default provider isn't SUN, so ssl 
doesn't work even with smaller keys.

I solved this problem by installing jdk1.5 which doesn't have problems 
with certificate(4096) and TomCat works fine.

But I really want to have jdk1.4 and certificate(4096) support.

Does anybody know how to solve this problem, or how to configure jdk1.4 
to support certificate(4096)?

I'm lokking forward for any response.


Best regards


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