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From Filipe Lautert <>
Subject Broken link
Date Mon, 07 Mar 2005 17:34:30 GMT
I've found a broken link at the end of this page:

and here the same problem:

Section "Open Bugs". Where it says: "The list of the bugs which are in
an unresolved state for Tomcat 5 can be seen here.". "here" is broken.
Like bugzilla says, the correct link should be;bug_status=NEW&amp;bug_status=ASSIGNED&amp;bug_status=REOPENED&amp;bug_status=RESOLVED&amp;resolution=LATER&amp;resolution=REMIND&amp;resolution=---&amp;bugidtype=include&amp;product=Tomcat+5&amp;cmdtype=doit&amp;order=Importance

Just a question: should I open a bug when I found a broken link? Or
should still sending mails to this list?



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